Past coma events  
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We have been very fortunate to have had access to Hoogwaterhuis, Hangklip - check this out - for the 2001 and '02 Summer seasons

Click on the flyers here for photo memories of Light, GLOW, Blue Skies, SOLAR Summer, Rothko Rooms, Sahm Saloon and Hundertwasser lounge

These happy events came about after a hook-up between Dlamoen, Opperman en de Graaf early 2001 to find opportunities to escape the rut the cape town trance and dance scene became

The Hoogwaterhuis happenings grew into full multi-sensory experiences, offering tasty food, quality bar, stimulating multi media installations, aromatic fires and refreshingly progressive and listenable dance music. An evening's programming now involves live-acts and djs playing psychedelic dub & bass, lounge, funk, retro-house & breakz and a good dose of progressive psy-trance

A fresh festival menu is served by our rotating chefs at each event and masseuses ply their trade in a smoke-free zone. Child carers look after toddlers in our video and toyed up crèche and we maintain events child friendly in the early evening and morning

Earlier, 1998 - 2000, Dlamoenj gigged at The Fridge, Amsterdam but Coma Chromaticity, then projection side of things, did not play much but for a private party or two

Coma Chromaticity first featured at the 1997 Cape Town synergy party which attracted 15000. The coma show, Views of Earth, ran through the night in the ambient chill tent to the music of Balancing Act djs Psykicks, Lamoen and Kraftreaktors' Jayo


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