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this project is stage embrionic - the objective an Akker chronological story board through participation of team members

if we in the process attract enough attention and collect enough content to warrant progression to publication or ideally a movie, so be it

"While their ideals for this club and for the normalisation of their society must never be dimmed, they are and must be aware of the obstacles that confront them"


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Can Akkers grow into oak trees?

Hogarth, The Sunday Times 13 July 1986

While so many South Africans were rending their garments in a torment of worry about the nation's future, 30 young men this week pointed the way to the new South Africa.

De Akker, that imaginative little rugby club from the University of Stellenbosch - fully multiracial and encouraged by both Morne du Plessis and Doc Craven - were playing a similarly composed side from Tuks on the hallowed turf of the L C de Villiers stadium in Pretoria.

No fuss, no bother - just a group of young players from all races and their supporters enjoying the game and the company of each other.

Oh, that this spirit could take, hold among us all.

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